Schizophrenic or Awakened to the Spirit

Civil science, commonly called western science, is a young discipline that seeks to disregard anything that is not tangible and which cannot be measured. The spread of civil society via colonialism after 1492 to every part of the globe took a while to establish its scientific roots. As it grew traditional understandings were put aside, especially by the people of the 20th century, who seeing western education as the means to material wealth sought to progress by western based schools making civil science a global consciousness. The replaced cultures had always accepted the existence of a multi dimensional world in which spirits, angels and other life forms have always communed with humans. The druids, obeah men and women, voodoo priests, yogis and spiritualists from all the continents have always been accepted amongst us and were not viewed as mentally challenged. Even the present existing religions attest to interactions between angels, gods and humans. In the Bible God talked to Moses from a burning bush, Abraham the father of Israel was told by God to sacrifice Isaac, his son and Noah built an ark and collected animals two by two because a voice, God, told him to. In the Bhagavad Gita of Hinduism there is a whole discourse between man and God. Mystics, witches and shamans have always communed with spirits to gain knowledge, some to create medicine to heal people in their communities. In archaeology the pyramids of Egypt, Panama, Costa Rica and Mexico, to name a few were all constructed with the help of the gods and so advanced were the technology used that science cannot decipher how these edifices were constructed.

In this day and age science and its pharmaceutical drugs impress us not the tinctures of alchemists. Instead of religion being the opium, pharmaceutical drugs are the new opium offered by western medicine, despite the fact that most cure nothing but rather treat symptoms and that these drugs harm the organs of the body. And though medical science is not born of itself since a lot of the plants studied by western medicine have been sourced from the remnant shamans (medicine men and women), it is ironic that science has discredited these very medicine men and women who it looks to for cures. It is also ironic that psychiatry because of its inability to prove the divisible discounts the existence of spirits and angels when yesterday the atom was thought to be an illusion because it too could not be proved.

A matter of concern is that psychiatry tells schizophrenics, which Noah, Moses, Jesus, Abraham, Chine, Zarathustra, Capilya, Arjuna and every other oracle forgotten with time were, that to hear and see things that cannot be proven is a delusion. This propaganda is dangerous to humans. Not only do psychiatrists admit that they do not understand schizophrenia but that they cannot cure it. Yet, for something that psychiatry does not understand psychiatrists seek to treat with pharmaceutical drugs that admittedly destroy the brain. It is unethical. Not only do they push these harmful drugs, they deny free will and have taken away people’s right to refuse drugs and to not be imprisoned in mental institutions, by claiming a legal right over the individual. This negative psychology is because of the influence of B. F. Skinner. Skinner did not believe in free will, rather he believed in conditioning the human mind. He therefore sought to reward positive behavior and punish negative behavior and upon these tenets institutional psychology is practiced. When a schizophrenic is placed in a mental institution they are subjected to conditioning by drugs and other treatment methods. It is true that the individual will be tempted to give up their free will and act as if they do not see and hear their reality to escape the hell of such a prison but is such abuse right? And after they leave such hellholes they go back to their spiritual journeys.

The reason why psychiatric drugs do not work on schizophrenics is because the realm these drugs intend to push into non-existence cannot be extinguished. They have been with humans since the beginning of time. No one can make the spirit whispering in the individual’s ear go away with a pill. Just like everything in life that individual will have to learn to control his or her reaction to the stimuli. The voices do not control the individual’s actions. All actions are a result of free will. Conditioning of the individual is just accepted abuse.

One of the main problems with psychology is that psychology sees abnormal behavior as a disease. It denies the individual a right to live opposite to what is considered the norm. If someone who has spent the majority of his or her life wearing suits and working nine to five in a corporation suddenly decides to quit his or her job and sit under a tree like a yogi to gain spiritual growth, what right does a psychiatrist or psychologist have to label that person as mad? Obviously they lacked something in their life, which they have now found. It is these spiritual people whom society looks to for its highest morality. To course one’s own path when everything around is in opposition shows great character. It was Sigmund Freud, Adler and Carl Jung who pushed the Disease Model of psychology. However, schizophrenia is not a disease. To see and hear the realms indiscernible to many humans has always been normal, just not something capable by most. What these three stalwarts of psychology along with Skinner achieved was the victimization of individuals who often times find themselves negatively labeled, ridiculed and ostracized. What makes Carl Jung’s findings and motives so questionable is the fact that he delved into alchemy but kept it secret to his death. Yes! Carl Jung was an alchemist. Read his ‘Red Book’ and his ‘Seven Sermons To The Dead’, which were published by his family after his death. His knowledge came from the beyond.

Like anything strange and unfamiliar, seeing and hearing other dimensions is scary until the individual learns to master his or her reaction to the unknown. Non-western cultures have always sought to embrace schizophrenics. Many became oracles and medicine men and women. To date Shamans learn to communicate with spirits and to use spiritual knowledge to cure diseases and likewise the creatively inclined use their experiences with these other realms to write films, novels and music that is enjoyed by the seven billion of us on the planet. Take a concept like chi. It is real. Asians have practiced it for centuries. That a power lies in humans that make us super human, seems laughable but spiritual masters have harnessed it. Rather than schizophrenics being told to see their gifts as some fault of the mind, it is best that the positive approach to psychology professed by Martin Seligman, Abraham Maslow, William James and Mihaly Czikszentmihalyi be taken and that the individual be equipped with tools to control their reactions to their new and sometimes frightening experiences.

Humans have always known that a few of us have been born with capabilities that a majority lacks. Some we call geniuses. Some we call psychics. Some we have no titles for. Now we call them mad. It is our uniqueness that spark changes in our civilizations and that has allowed humanity to thrive. Concepts like liberty, equality, non-resistance to violence did not come from the norm. When we seek to destroy the potentials of those we do not understand societies self-destruct. It is hypocritical to act as if there are not people amongst us who are telepathic, clairvoyant, psychokinetic and who do interact with consciousness outside the human body. Parapsychology seeks to study this phenomenon.

In Christiaan Huygens’s ‘Treatise On Light’ he proposed that light does not travel, if it did we would only be able to witness an eclipse hours after it happens. This means light does not come from the sun, a concept that is incredible. Not only that, Huygen’s theory was that light operated as a wave and that it appeared in a straight line. His theory was contrary to Sir Isaac Newton’s corpuscular theory of light, which says that light travels through apertures. Like Huygen, Nikola Tesla purported light was transmitted in electromagnetic waves like sound by ether. Unlike Tesla, Einstein discredited ether and thought light was matter. The rift is caused by ether. Science seeks to deny the ethereal but the reality is the unsung heroes like Tesla, who have contributed more than abstract theories have acknowledged the real God particle –non-matter, which is immeasurable and intangible. Huygen was clearly not the norm. His theory of light is now partly supported, for light has been accepted to behave like a wave, just like sound. There are schizophrenics who observe the phenomenon of light daily in the sky. Everywhere in the sky there are electromagnetic pulses of light that move in waves across the sky but only a few people can see this phenomenon. Schizophrenics should not be labeled, harassed and have their brains destroyed by science. Schizophrenics are not lab rats. They are spiritual.