A Time To Kill: The Apartheid Rule of the Israeli Occupying State

The cries of the Palestinians in Gaza, the West Bank and East Jerusalem come from the dark to a seemingly deafened universal ear. Despite the number of reports by non-governmental organizations (NGOs), human rights organizations, judiciary bodies, as well as reports from the United Nations, the apartheid practices of the Israeli government towards Palestinians living in Gaza, the West Bank and East Jerusalem are met with a powerless attitude by the world governing bodies who, despite a worldwide moral outcry invaded Afghanistan and Iraq and yet do nothing to restrain Israel’s apartheid rule.

Israel objects to its description as an apartheid state. However when The Report of the Special Rapporteur on the Situation of Human Rights in the Palestinian Territories Occupied since 1967 by John Dugard to the January 2007 sitting of the Human Rights Council of the United Nations cite the creation of Jewish-only settlements by the Israeli government, the creation of an ID system, separate roads for Israeli and Palestinian citizens, roadblocks, earth mounds and trenches, numerous military checkpoints, discriminatory marriage law, the West Bank barrier (also known as the wall), the use of Palestinians as cheap labor, Palestinian West Bank enclaves, inequities in infrastructure, legal rights issues, and the inequality in accessing land and resources by the Palestinians as opposed to Israeli residents in the Israeli-occupied territories as resembling that of the South African apartheid regime, and that elements of Israel’s occupation constitute forms of colonialism, which are contrary to international law, then the sensitivities of the Israeli state are muted by the facts.

The recent abandoning of apartheid bus plans by Israel’s Prime Minister, Binyamin Netanyahu is an indication that despite the deafness of political leaders, there is still power in the voices of the worldwide peoples to influence the decisions of individual nations. Within hours of his announcement, Prime Minister Netanyahu was forced to cancel a pilot scheme that would have seen Palestinian workers banned from travelling on Israeli buses in the occupied territories. This failed initiative of Israel serves to fuel beliefs that its practices are indeed apartheid.

In Section III of the first paragraph of Article 47 of the Fourth Geneva Convention (GCIV): Protected persons who are in occupied territory shall not be deprived, in any case or in any manner whatsoever, of the benefits of the present Convention by any change introduced, as the result of the occupation of a territory, into the institutions or government of the said territory, nor by any agreement concluded between the authorities of the occupied territories and the Occupying Power, nor by any annexation by the latter of the whole or part of the occupied territory.

Banning Palestinians from travelling on Israeli buses in the Gaza, West Bank and East Jerusalem is the last of a series of deprivation strategies by Israel, the occupying state in contravention of Article 47 of the GCIV. John Dugard’s report to the United Nations denounced the 2006 military operations within Gaza – “Operation Summer Rains” and “Operation Autumn Clouds,” as violations of human rights and international humanitarian laws. The Israeli Defense Forces’ (IDF) heavy artillery shelling and air-to-surface missile attacks, the bulldoze of homes, schools, hospitals and mosques, public buildings, bridges, water pipelines and electricity networks and the leveling of agricultural lands have been excessively inhumane. On November 8th 2006, 9 civilians were killed and 55 wounded, including women and children. Dougard is clearly being politically sensitive because to the layman it seems as if Israel is destabilizing Palestine. Now common sense must intervene at some point because annihilation of any peoples by any people in this time is in contravention of our common civility and hence, Israel’s foolish practices are creating monsters around it.


The economic sanctions by Israel and the governing bodies of the world have left 70 percent of the Gaza workforce unemployed. What the governing bodies have done is to cripple the occupied territories of Palestine creating the humanitarian crisis that now exists.

The creation of these dual existing states within one local (Palestine) on May 14, 1948 by David Ben-Gurion, the head of the Jewish Agency and U.S. President Harry S. Truman is an ideal worth striving for but independent kingdoms will not exist side by side, nor be tributary to one another, there shall be one whole, and the lesser shall be parts thereof, not over nor under them, but as helpmates.

The Dougard report further sites that between 25th of June 2006 and the truce that came into force at the end of November 2006, over 400 Palestinians were killed and some 1,500 injured, more than half of those killed and wounded being civilians. Of those killed 90 were children and of the injured 300 were children. During the same period 3 Israeli soldiers were killed and 18 wounded, and 2 Israeli civilians were killed and some 30 injured in Siderot and its precincts by Qassam rockets fired by Palestinians from Gaza. These spates of killings were in response to the capture of Corporal Gilad Shalit by Palestinian militants on 25 June 2006. Israel must ask itself when is the time to kill? Can it justify its state of terror with an ends justify the means policy? Or should it create one whole with two helpmates?

White Americans seem to think the time to kill black Americans is now. Their envy of black skin runs deep. In their movies and sense of history they paint themselves as intellectually and courageously superior to blacks -pigging backing on Hitler’s white supremacy sentiments to galvanize his race. All that is good and well, except for the monstrosity that he created. It was earth once more becoming the sport of false gods and plundering into savagery. At its end we decided to be raised up and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights 1948 was that.

America is one. They should take a look at a little motto in their hemisphere “Out of Many One People” that Jamaicans have. To see themselves as divided by race is backward. They shattering because they have failed to give growth to the best in their people talents and interests by thwarting their different cultural groups. This minute they pick on the Mexicans and then the Chinese, now they are killing black Americans in their streets. Think. We are capable of reason.

This Is The New America -Out of Many; One People.


Bubble Gum Money

But for a means to exalt our financial achievement most people would not purchase anything. The expense of what we purchase often times elevates us to certain status in our groups. The new foreign car parked outside our gate creates an impression on our neighbors and gives us a satisfying feeling. Buying our kids a new pair of Jordan, the new iphone or tablet gives parents and grandparents a sense of worth and accomplishment, as if by our children getting material possession, we have gained something. The problem that cripples us, is that wealth has concentrated itself into the hands of 85 of us. That 85 people own 99% of the World’s economy is staggering news. They have monopolized money. What is even more staggering is the missing 134 billion dollars of U.S. Bonds that was stopped at Italy’s border, the legal debacle ensuing over it and how it exposes a collapsing banking system worldwide. So, how can the Rule of Law solve the capitalist dilemma?

What are these U.S. Bonds that the Japanese were taking across the Italian border and how does it affect  the U.S. dollar? That amount of money can only be accounted for by the highest levels of government. According to the lawsuit The Federal Reserve is in a legal war over gold that the Chinese gave it to create the Federal Reserve to sure the Dollar -the Earth’s official currency- in 1934 when Japan invaded China. It is valued at more than U.S. trillions of dollars and the Chinese want it back. These Bonds were part of that surety. At first they thought the Russians were dumping their Bonds. But why would the Russians be dumping U.S. bonds? Could it be that without the Chinese gold as surety, these Bonds are worth nothing.

The new term for the Dollar is bubble gum money. It is a bubble about to burst and if this catastrophe is not averted the fall of the U.S. Empire is eminent. This affects all peoples because the U.S. dollar is the world’s official money. What this means is the banks are printing money that cannot be substantiated by the United States collateral.  Any money issued in 1934 by the U.S. Treasury may have no real financial backing. It may just be paper in your hands, as may also be the entire U.S. monies. When analysts were talking about the banks being too big to fail during Obama’s first term, they were right to be scared. Yet the United States have not resolved this legal and financial crisis.

Gold is the true currency. It along with land are the true wealth. The United States has a mandate to fill, as one of the conditions of the agreement in setting up the Federal Reserve. The surplus was to be used to improve the living standards of all nations to that of the G7 group of nations. The tables are turning.

In the recent rush to sell gold. The United States was scraping gold from third world people, who fell on hard times, for little or nothing. They need to sure up the Federal Reserve. The price of gold on the world market today is US $ 1,127.21 per ounce. People in Jamaica sold their gold for JA $1000. They sold it for 90% less than what it was worth. Highway robbery.

The mass must first free their minds. Garvey said it. If the protests on Wall Street were not enough warning, these times are too volatile to not expect people to riot if our money becomes worthless. Revolution of the capitalist system does not need to come by bloodshed. The rule of law was used in ancient days to ensure the pharaoh was given is monetary due, just like the old coinage: what is due to Caesar is due to Caesar. In 1948 the rule of law became the people’s protection from the injustices of the system. How can the rule of law as tabled by our united governments in the Human Rights Charters of 1948 regulate and modernize our monetary and capitalist system? By challenging our monetary system. Our banking system is illogical. The banks are operating as pyramid schemes selling debts that escalate to ridiculous figures above the actual borrowed sum. The banks’ products and services are not tangible. They are inflating balloons or bubble gums. These debts grow to imaginary figures neither the bank nor borrower would have contracted to. By its illogical nature, these loans cause the terms of the contract at times to be incapable of performance destroying the contracts. And if performed the performance of the loan would be a detriment to the consumer and also an unfair business practice.  In both regards, these servicing of these loans are illegal.

We in the Caribbean cannot wait for our real assets to be gobbled by the banking system, like the real estate fiasco in America that saw the transfer of land from American citizens to foreigners. It is time for a cap to legally restrain banking greed. Governments have a responsibility to protect its citizens’ assets.