Light Does Not Come From The Sun

Day lights before the sun starts its journey across Earth’s sky. Daylight does not come from the sun. The sun and the moon are beautiful luminary bodies and so is Earth. To the sun and moon Earth too is a star. As a luminary body Earth does not cast light to the sun nor the moon and neither do the moon and sun cast light to Earth, despite the optical illusion that they do so. On examination, Space, made visible by Earth’s night sky, is vast blackness that is impossible to be illuminated by any one constellation journeying across it. How then can the sun, which is just one star, even though it is the brightest star that Earth sees in its daylight, illume and warm the endless blackness of Space, which it would have to do to shine light on Earth and to cast heat to Earth. Light and heat do not come from the sun. Light and heat come from the vortex (energy field) that surrounds each planet including the sun, moon and Earth. Earth’s vortex shows both blackness and light. Earth can guess about its vortex by observing the moon’s vortex circling it over twenty-eight days but the vortex around the sun differs in that it is completely light.


What is light? Light is a an infinite coil. Light polarizes along straight lines and spreads as electromagnetic waves. Light is a matrix of three existing conditions: heat, water and the first element ether. Change these conditions in the vortex and the visibility of light changes. A dark day is the result of vapor saturation and a bright day evidences heat.




Light is only seen when it comes in contact with corpor (matter), otherwise it exists as darkness. This is evidenced when we cross a dark path and happen upon light and wonder from where or how did it appear in the darkness. Sometimes the street light at the top of the road disappears on the dark road and reappears on a wall. The constituents of light are always there but to be seen light must be in contact with a particle or object -it must be polarized.




Light Does Not Travel

How do we know that light does not travel? If the sun were heating Earth, the space between Earth and the sun would be brighter and warmer than that of Earth. Space would be hot and brightly lit. Space is endless blackness. If  the sun provided Earth’s light the higher we climb, the more brighter light would appear and the more hotter we would become, yet our mountains are capped with snow. Light and Heat do not travel across space to Earth. Light does not travel. Light is always present in darkness. The conditions that make light visible are the factors to its visibility or invisibility. It is the time it takes for the polarization of light to occur that gives the illusion that light travels.

What Affects the Visibility of light?

The Vortex around the Earth is the factor that makes light visible or invisible.


When the conditions of heat, water and the First Element (Ether) change, the visibility of the sun changes, as does the visibility of other planets and stars, as well as everything on the land. The colors of plants, flowers, buildings, clothes and even our skin will look different every passing hour or minute. If the day is cloudy and lots of water vapor is in the sky, colors have a duller shade and under what we call good lighting (a hot and bright day) colors have a bright look that come out in our photos.

Earth’s vortex operates like a lens in displaying stars that are great distances from Earth as near. Our eye, also being a lens operates similarly.  Gaze at the sun that seems larger and brighter than it is and it becomes a small globular circle of light like another star in the sky. It is then that the looker realizes the appearance of the sun is an optical illusion. And for those who have witnessed an eclipse of the sun with the naked eyes and without the tinted optical lens of cameras or eclipse eyewear, the blotting out of the sun does not turn the sky black. That is because Earth’s light does not come from the sun.

For Light To Be Seen

For light to be seen it must come in contact with an element. The Matrix of Light is also best seen when surrounded by extensive darkness, especially since light comes from darkness. No two light matrix are alike.

The Matrix of Light

The Matrix of Light is like a star. It appears as a line or lines of light with a circle of light at its centre (a spiral, coil or wave). No two matrix are the same.