Light Does Not Come From The Sun

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Light: The Matrix

There are reasons NASA cannot account for heat on Pluto. NASA’s theory about heat and light are wrong. Light nor heat does not come from the sun. Light and heat come from a force field (vortex) around each planet. That is why space is a dark and cold expanse, never to be lit by the sun. Yet we are told sunlight lights and heat Earth but not space, which sunlight must travel across to get to Earth? How is it possible?

Light is a matrix of three existing conditions: heat, water and the first element ether. Change these conditions and the vissibility of light changes. On a dark day, the conditions in our atmosphere are saturated with vapor and on a bright day, there is more heat. Light is also seen when it comes in contact with corpor (matter) and exists in a polarized state. This is why somtimes when we cross a dark path we happen upon light and wonder where it is coming from. It was always there but to polarise or be seen it must be in contact with a particle or object.

When light is in contact with matter it reflects and refracts -what Isaac Newton calls its refrangibility. The manner in which light reflects and refracts with elements in the air, glass, leaves and any other matter account for its dispersion. The refracting and reflecting medium determine whether we see a stream of light or unobservable rays, as in the dispersion created by glass in a light bulb and air.

Light appears to move in waves because of the movement of water particles but light travels in a straight line.

Wave Theory Of Light by Christiaan Huygens

Newton’s Straight Line Theory

Light Does Not Travel

The distance of the sun from the earth prevents heat from travelling such a great distance across space and time. The further an object is from heat, the less the heat. Space is cold. If the sun was heating Earth, the space between Earth and the sun would be warm and illuminated. Light and Heat do not travel across space to Earth.

The Vortex around the Earth operates like a lens in displaying objects great distances from Earth. When the conditions of heat, water and the First Element (Ether) change, the visibility of the sun changes, as does the visibility of other planets and stars because the nature of the vortex is different.

Our eye, also being a lens operate similarly.  Gaze at the sun and the illumination that was jarring to the eye becomes a globular circle of light. The lens of the eyes adjust allowing for the sun to change in appearance. The conditions of heat, water and light determine the focus of Earth.

Light Is A Matrix

When the conditions of heat, water and Ether change, so does the visibility of everything we see on Earth and from Earth. The colors of plants, flowers, buildings, clothes and even our skin will look different every passing hour or minute. If the day is cloudy and lots of water vapors are in the sky, colors have a duller shade and under what we call good lighting (a hot and bright day) colors have a bright look. It comes out in our photos. The snow flake which forms shows the Matrix in which it was created. As long as the conditions exist the flake will grow and grow around the First Element.

Dispersion of Light

The dispersion of light by particles is what causes light to have an illuminating effect. Dispersion is caused by light particles travelling in a straight line from one pole to the next refracting and reflecting when in contact with other elements. The nature of the elements in air create what we see as daylight. When light is refracted from a denser medium to a less dense medium or from a less dense medium to a dense medium, it reflects and refracts according to the conditions in the new medium. A light bulb operates similarly in dispersing the beams of light.  The degree of refraction and reflection as light passes through the glass medium or air which is also a medium, is one of the determinant of its dispersion.

The Polarization of Light

Light exists in a straight line. When a camera is flashed, it is the time that the flash takes to polarize the light that makes us assume light travels. No one on Earth has ever created a vacuum. The standard of measure of light travelling in a vacuum does not take into consideration that water, heat and Ether exist in the supposed vacuum.

For Light To Be Seen

A street light a distance away seems to travel across a dark expanse and miraculously appear in a dark room on a single wall. For light to be seen it must come in contact with an element. The Matrix of Light is best seen when surrounded by darkness. No two light matrix are alike.

The Matrix of Light

The Matrix of Light is like a star. The interlocking of 2 triangles -like the star of David. The matrix of light when surrounded by darkness is best seen.

The Visibility of Light

How we see Light is determined by its interactions with the different matter around us. As Einstein says, Light is refracted and reflected. It is the conditions in the atmosphere around us which scatters light to the degree where the appearance of everything including the sun changes.