Schizophrenic or Awakened to the Spirit

Civil science, commonly called western science, is a young discipline that seeks to disregard anything that is not tangible and which cannot be measured. The spread of civil society via colonialism after 1492 to every part of the globe took a while to establish its scientific roots. As it grew traditional understandings were put aside, especially by the people of the 20th century, who seeing western education as the means to material wealth sought to progress by western based schools making civil science a global consciousness. The replaced cultures had always accepted the existence of a multi dimensional world in which spirits, angels and other life forms have always communed with humans. The druids, obeah men and women, voodoo priests, yogis and spiritualists from all the continents have always been accepted amongst us and were not viewed as mentally challenged. Even the present existing religions attest to interactions between angels, gods and humans. In the Bible God talked to Moses from a burning bush, Abraham the father of Israel was told by God to sacrifice Isaac, his son and Noah built an ark and collected animals two by two because a voice, God, told him to. In the Bhagavad Gita of Hinduism there is a whole discourse between man and God. Mystics, witches and shamans have always communed with spirits to gain knowledge, some to create medicine to heal people in their communities. In archaeology the pyramids of Egypt, Panama, Costa Rica and Mexico, to name a few were all constructed with the help of the gods and so advanced were the technology used that science cannot decipher how these edifices were constructed.

In this day and age science and its pharmaceutical drugs impress us not the tinctures of alchemists. Instead of religion being the opium, pharmaceutical drugs are the new opium offered by western medicine, despite the fact that most cure nothing but rather treat symptoms and that these drugs harm the organs of the body. And though medical science is not born of itself since a lot of the plants studied by western medicine have been sourced from the remnant shamans (medicine men and women), it is ironic that science has discredited these very medicine men and women who it looks to for cures. It is also ironic that psychiatry because of its inability to prove the divisible discounts the existence of spirits and angels when yesterday the atom was thought to be an illusion because it too could not be proved.

A matter of concern is that psychiatry tells schizophrenics, which Noah, Moses, Jesus, Abraham, Chine, Zarathustra, Capilya, Arjuna and every other oracle forgotten with time were, that to hear and see things that cannot be proven is a delusion. This propaganda is dangerous to humans. Not only do psychiatrists admit that they do not understand schizophrenia but that they cannot cure it. Yet, for something that psychiatry does not understand psychiatrists seek to treat with pharmaceutical drugs that admittedly destroy the brain. It is unethical. Not only do they push these harmful drugs, they deny free will and have taken away people’s right to refuse drugs and to not be imprisoned in mental institutions, by claiming a legal right over the individual. This negative psychology is because of the influence of B. F. Skinner. Skinner did not believe in free will, rather he believed in conditioning the human mind. He therefore sought to reward positive behavior and punish negative behavior and upon these tenets institutional psychology is practiced. When a schizophrenic is placed in a mental institution they are subjected to conditioning by drugs and other treatment methods. It is true that the individual will be tempted to give up their free will and act as if they do not see and hear their reality to escape the hell of such a prison but is such abuse right? And after they leave such hellholes they go back to their spiritual journeys.

The reason why psychiatric drugs do not work on schizophrenics is because the realm these drugs intend to push into non-existence cannot be extinguished. They have been with humans since the beginning of time. No one can make the spirit whispering in the individual’s ear go away with a pill. Just like everything in life that individual will have to learn to control his or her reaction to the stimuli. The voices do not control the individual’s actions. All actions are a result of free will. Conditioning of the individual is just accepted abuse.

One of the main problems with psychology is that psychology sees abnormal behavior as a disease. It denies the individual a right to live opposite to what is considered the norm. If someone who has spent the majority of his or her life wearing suits and working nine to five in a corporation suddenly decides to quit his or her job and sit under a tree like a yogi to gain spiritual growth, what right does a psychiatrist or psychologist have to label that person as mad? Obviously they lacked something in their life, which they have now found. It is these spiritual people whom society looks to for its highest morality. To course one’s own path when everything around is in opposition shows great character. It was Sigmund Freud, Adler and Carl Jung who pushed the Disease Model of psychology. However, schizophrenia is not a disease. To see and hear the realms indiscernible to many humans has always been normal, just not something capable by most. What these three stalwarts of psychology along with Skinner achieved was the victimization of individuals who often times find themselves negatively labeled, ridiculed and ostracized. What makes Carl Jung’s findings and motives so questionable is the fact that he delved into alchemy but kept it secret to his death. Yes! Carl Jung was an alchemist. Read his ‘Red Book’ and his ‘Seven Sermons To The Dead’, which were published by his family after his death. His knowledge came from the beyond.

Like anything strange and unfamiliar, seeing and hearing other dimensions is scary until the individual learns to master his or her reaction to the unknown. Non-western cultures have always sought to embrace schizophrenics. Many became oracles and medicine men and women. To date Shamans learn to communicate with spirits and to use spiritual knowledge to cure diseases and likewise the creatively inclined use their experiences with these other realms to write films, novels and music that is enjoyed by the seven billion of us on the planet. Take a concept like chi. It is real. Asians have practiced it for centuries. That a power lies in humans that make us super human, seems laughable but spiritual masters have harnessed it. Rather than schizophrenics being told to see their gifts as some fault of the mind, it is best that the positive approach to psychology professed by Martin Seligman, Abraham Maslow, William James and Mihaly Czikszentmihalyi be taken and that the individual be equipped with tools to control their reactions to their new and sometimes frightening experiences.

Humans have always known that a few of us have been born with capabilities that a majority lacks. Some we call geniuses. Some we call psychics. Some we have no titles for. Now we call them mad. It is our uniqueness that spark changes in our civilizations and that has allowed humanity to thrive. Concepts like liberty, equality, non-resistance to violence did not come from the norm. When we seek to destroy the potentials of those we do not understand societies self-destruct. It is hypocritical to act as if there are not people amongst us who are telepathic, clairvoyant, psychokinetic and who do interact with consciousness outside the human body. Parapsychology seeks to study this phenomenon.

In Christiaan Huygens’s ‘Treatise On Light’ he proposed that light does not travel, if it did we would only be able to witness an eclipse hours after it happens. This means light does not come from the sun, a concept that is incredible. Not only that, Huygen’s theory was that light operated as a wave and that it appeared in a straight line. His theory was contrary to Sir Isaac Newton’s corpuscular theory of light, which says that light travels through apertures. Like Huygen, Nikola Tesla purported light was transmitted in electromagnetic waves like sound by ether. Unlike Tesla, Einstein discredited ether and thought light was matter. The rift is caused by ether. Science seeks to deny the ethereal but the reality is the unsung heroes like Tesla, who have contributed more than abstract theories have acknowledged the real God particle –non-matter, which is immeasurable and intangible. Huygen was clearly not the norm. His theory of light is now partly supported, for light has been accepted to behave like a wave, just like sound. There are schizophrenics who observe the phenomenon of light daily in the sky. Everywhere in the sky there are electromagnetic pulses of light that move in waves across the sky but only a few people can see this phenomenon. Schizophrenics should not be labeled, harassed and have their brains destroyed by science. Schizophrenics are not lab rats. They are spiritual.


Movement Is The Answer To Pain

“Is anybody in the kitchen?” called a voice from the living room.

Lisa got up and walked to the living room, reached out her hand and took the tray with the empty breakfast plate from her blind eighty-three year old father.

Every day that passed he was losing his mobility and reluctant to feel his way from room to room. She glanced at his feet that had been gradually swelling for the past few months because of his inactivity and knew any mention of taking him to the doctor would be met with resistance. What was she to do?

Lisa’s situation is not an uncommon one. Watching an aging parent lose physical mobility is not easy, especially since they are losing their independence. Physiotherapy can help them, or anyone -even small infants who have lost or are experiencing diminished movement in any area of the body.

Physiotherapy is movement therapy. According to the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy, ‘physiotherapy helps restore movement and function when someone is affected by injury, illness or disability.’ It is not just for persons who have been in accidents –as is the commonly held view.

Often we live very sedentary lives –only moving from the couch to the fridge, or from our desk to our cars and into our beds. We do not move our bodies as often as we need to and our muscles, tissues and bones lose their functions or become stiff and pain ridden from being in one position too long. Whenever the muscles begin to get weary from being immobile, the body will start sending out discomfort and pain signals that it is being strained. To combat the strain on the muscle walk around the room and do some stretches to get the body moving, if this will not cause further injury to the body.

With a physiotherapist, the movement and functions of the body can be restored in a safe environment with someone who is professionally trained to re-educate the body. As simple as it sounds someone limping or hobbling across a room can be due to their lifestyle, and simply retraining the body in movement is all that is needed to be rid of the limp.

“I took dad to a physiotherapist but he is reluctant to move around the room and he won’t try the exercises,” Lisa says.

What Lisa needs is a specialist physiotherapist, who engages in ergonomics. Ergonomics is a discipline of physiotherapy which recognizes that the physical surrounding of the individual impacts on the individual’s physical wellbeing. In the case of Lisa’s dad and many more like him, simply moving the furniture to least obstruct or to aid him can be beneficial to him becoming mobile. Understanding the layout of the room can allow persons who are visually impaired to use the furniture to map the room and the removal of objects that would cause him to trip or fall from off the floor will make him feel safe to venture from his usual spot. It is all about the objects being an aid rather than an impediment to his mobility.

“But what about pain? Isn’t physiotherapy painful?”

In its February 2012 Position Paper, the Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA) says ‘injury or surgery or an active disease process within the tissues’ may cause pain and the number one remedy for pain which affects 1 in every 5 Australians is physiotherapy but there are not enough physiotherapist. The APA states the role of a physiotherapist is to ‘assist people to live with chronic pain and to work across the lifespan continuum assisting patients with their pain in primary care settings with the aim of diminishing pain, improving quality of life where possible and preventing acute and sub-acute painful conditions developing into chronic pain.’

The young and healthy can benefit from physiotherapy too. Physiotherapy is necessary for all age groups because injury of the musculoskeletal system occurs at all ages. People tend to strain their muscles lifting heavy objects because they do not understand body dynamics. The muscles contract and relax around the joints from which we pivot to push and pull all objects. With physiotherapist individuals can be reeducated on the proper techniques of lifting a pan of water or a dumbbell that there will be no reoccurrence of the injury. Movement education is for everyone.

Saving the Natural Smile

“My head. Oooh!”

“Where did you say was hurting you?”

“My teeth! Oohh!”

Has this ever happened to you –your tooth feels as if it is killing you and your entire head is engulfed with pain but nobody understands a word of what you are wailing?

For those with toothaches, or gumboils and those who are constantly extracting or filling holes in their teeth, have no fear there are dental specialists who may be able to remove that infectious problem without removing the beloved tooth. There are also lifestyle changes that can be made to our diets to save our natural and beautiful smile.

Whether the pain and discomfort occurred because a previous root canal left bacteria, which keeps spreading, or because a faulty crown or a missing filling exposed a nerve in the pulp to bacteria, or the pain is because of some new infection to the mouth; these are minor problems that an endodontist can alleviate and that can be corrected by proper nutrition.

Visits to the endodontist can save the tooth –where possible- by removing the infected pulp in a popular procedure called an apicoectomy. An apicoectomy will not allow you to call in sick from work. After surgery clients are able to resume their regular routine the following day.


Endodontists are specialists with two or more years of additional dental study, who can perform up to twenty-five root canals a week, while the regular dentist in America is restricted to two root canals per week. The endodontist is equipped to properly examine by x-ray, the pulps and cavities of the mouth but root canals and apicoectomy should not be the reason we run off to the endodontist or dentist, proper mouth care is.

By the time we are ten, we understand that if we eat excessive amounts of candy we will rot our tooth and the dentist will have to extract it; but, in our teenage years we graduate from sweeties to biscuits, cheese tricks, donuts, sodas and fries and continue the practice through most of our adult years. Some of us shy away from that kind of food, which we call junk and stick to a properly cooked meal to save ourselves trips to the dentist, not understanding that food processing includes heated and frozen foods and that all changes to raw foods hasten the decay of our teeth.

If you have no intention of replacing your natural smile with artificial tooth and fillings then a lifestyle change is what is needed in your diet. Fred D. Miller, D.D.S in his book ‘Healthy Teeth Through Proper Nutrition’ says that during his forty years of dental practice the patients he treated regularly stopped losing their teeth because he advocated education and taught them the effect of different foods on the teeth, what types of foods should be eaten and when they should be eaten.

The mouth, Dr. Miller says, is the barometer of health -’you cannot scale and clean teeth without seeing systemic degenerative diseases of the body at work unless you are blind. Spongy bleeding gum and loose teeth are oral manifestations of multiple deficiencies, a part of the syndrome of degeneration.’[i] Dr. Miller also quotes Dr. Pickerill, a New Zealand dentist who had studied fifteen hundred school children as saying the “fruit has been shown to be one of the best detergents and excitants of the solvent and neutralizing power of the saliva.” As such Dr. Miller recommends that fruits, as the detergents that cleanse our mouths, should be eaten after meals. If you have eaten a piece of garlic and need that odor gone? Try squeezing a lime into a half a glass of water a drinking it and see the disinnfecting power of fruits go to work. That smell will be gone.

Carbohydrates are fermentable foods that rot the teeth and most of what the majority of persons consume is processed foods that are mainly simple carbohydrates and simple sugar. Processed foods include snacks and juices from the supermarket, food cooked over a stove or frozen in a fridge that are denatured to a state where it loses its enzymes and micronutrients. The recommendation is that ‘in between meals, snacks –which are fermentable foods- should be followed by a detergent food unless there is opportunity for brushing the teeth and cleansing the mouth after eating.’[ii] It is imperative we remember our detergent foods are our fruits.

Eat more natural foods and fewer commercially processed foods. Begin to include plenty of fruits and leafy greens with other mineral bearing vegetables. If you eat meats, eat modest quantities. Have milk and eggs if you are not vegan. Follow all meals with a detergent food (fruit) last. This is nothing we have not heard but failed to implement and as a result tooth decay is now a major health problem. Jay W. Friedman, DDS, MPH in his article The Prophylactic Extraction of Third Molars: A Public Health Hazard states that ‘Ten million third molars (wisdom teeth) are extracted from approximately 5 million people in the United States each year at an annual cost of over $3 billion’. Do not fall in the numbers. Let us begin to preserve our beautiful and natural smile by eating right

[i] Miller, Fred D., D.D.S. (1978). Healthy Teeth Through Proper Nutrition. New York, NY: Arco Publishing Company, Inc.

[ii] Miller, Fred D., D.D.S. (1978). Healthy Teeth Through Proper Nutrition. New York, NY: Arco Publishing Company, Inc.

Proteins For Vegans

Everybody must retain protein in her and his diet to keep the body fit and spruced. The tendency of some persons when they remove meat proteins from their diets is to consume lots of fruits and vegetables and stick mainly to complex root starches such as sweet potatoes and yams –all of which are healthy choices- but no meal is complete without proteins. Every cell in the human body contains chains of protein. Everything we do –even a basic smile- involves muscular activities that require protein. Despite our body’s inability to do without protein, the body does not store protein.

The cells in the human body use the protein eaten on a daily basis to maintain the repair and functioning of the muscles like the fuel that keeps our engines revving. What protein we do not use, we excrete as waste or convert to sugars and fat. If the body is malnourished of proteins, its muscle mass will waste away and the skin will become thin and flaccid. This condition of the muscles is generally due to a lack of exercise and insufficient protein in the diet. Vegans have to be careful of robbing their bodies of its necessary proteins by sticking to a carbohydrates, fruits and vegetables rich diet that lacks protein.

From a handful of nuts a vegan can get the equivalent protein found in a serving of meat. Nuts in their natural state are rich in protein, fatty acids, fiber and Omega 3. According to The Peanut Institute in the United States of America ‘large population studies show that when eaten daily in small amounts, peanuts reduce the risk of many chronic diseases (Sabate, 2006; 2009).’

Unless the intention is to gain weight, do not rapidly consume a jar of peanut butter. Doing so will make a vegan gain seven pounds of muscle mass in one week. The good thing about this weight gain is that it is mainly the muscular body and not the stores of healthy fat deposit in the skin that gets built up.

It is important to eat a variety of proteins. Protein makes up our skin, the muscles in the eyes, the hair, the nails , the blood –every single cell in our body has protein. Proteins are found in peas, beans and nuts. Like fruits and vegetables, eating cashew only will not give us the proteins and other nutrients found in peanuts, coconuts, walnuts, cocoa, coffee, lima beans or red pigeon peas. Cocoa, for example, produces chocolate and when eaten in the raw state within minutes will make the body become warm because it is rich in iron and good cholesterol both of which fuel the body.

The juice from the coconut can replace almost all the nutrients needed by the blood and is recommended by doctors worldwide as dehydration fluids to nourish the body after vomiting and diarrhea. Coconut water was used intravenously by soldiers in the Vietnam War, as a replacement for the blood lost from wounds on the battlefield. In Jamaica, the juice is said to be the only fluid that washes the heart and the meat of the young coconut –the sperm like fluid that germinates the nut is good to improve male virility. These are just some of the benefits that can be gained from consuming a variety of nuts.

Some healthy protein sources for vegan include non-GMO soybeans, wheat berries, coconuts, cocoa nuts, coffee beans, lima beans, garbanzo beans, cashews, peanuts, walnuts and almonds, pigeon peas, gungo peas and black-eye peas.

Boiling and blending the soybeans with the wheat berries as a drink can create a very special treat. For flavor add vanilla, almonds and peanuts with two spoons of cane sugar in a glass or drink it warm in a mug like porridge. This is a treat you will not cloy of. It is a protein rich shake containing all the fibers and protein the body needs for the day. It will build the muscle mass in no time.

The Tea Pot’s Magic

Most people would think tea originated in England but the British developed their love of tea from the Chinese. That was centuries ago. Today tea is the second most consumed beverage worldwide next to water.

People drink tea habitually. Most grew up hearing that tea was good for belching gas or to relieve headaches but many do not know what the individual plants are good for. People pour hot water on leaves and barks for all sorts of reasons. For example, cut pieces of ginger into thin strips and pour hot water onto it, wait for the medicinal properties to be extracted and what you drink will relieve stomach ache and menstrual cramps. Pour hot water over a couple Hibiscus flowers and the tea is good for hypertension. Mint is good for soothing the stomach and is also used as a relaxer. Chamomile grows wild along the road, is fed to goats and rabbits and is brewed for a good night’s rest.

The more people learn about brewing tea, the more our grandmothers’ pearl of wisdom about never leaving the house without a cup of tea very smart advice. What many people will not know is that brewing tea in a metal container causes it to lose some of its medicinal properties. That is partly why the Chinese use ceramic containers to extract the nutrients and why the Africans use clay and wooden pots. The teapot makes all the difference in the effectiveness of what is brewed.

Health Benefits of Chewing Ice

There has been a lot of talk about those who chew ice having pagophagia –an addiction as a result of a mental disorder where they eat dirt, snow, paint, basically everything a mother would scold her child not to do because of the fear of germs or some sort of poisoning. However, a lot of pregnant women will find themselves developing the habit of chewing ice and there are those who have failed to treat their anemia; who, the chewing of ice will stop from shivering.

Ask the Eskimos how they survive miles journeying in snow. Or ask the Russians why they take baths in the frozen water. For centuries people in the most northern parts of the world have found that the body can adjust to cold temperatures by its constant exposure to even colder temperatures. Mother nature has her mysteries. She is evidence of the Creator’s Divine genius.

But if you are not into eating ice, swimming in icy lakes or you are not an Eskimo who builds her or his house out of snow, and you are just a concerned citizen, who is into modern medicine who notices the neighbor constantly chewing ice, tell her or him to consult a medical doctor. Constantly crunching the cold watery treats can be a sign of iron deficiency anemia, pregnancy or pagophagia.

Symptoms of iron deficiency anemia include extreme fatigue, paleness of skin, weakness, coldness of hands and feet, shortness of breath and chest pains.

Suggestions for anemia:

  1. Chew cups of cubed ice.
  2. Drink two spoons of molasses in black tea twice daily with lime

Got a love of chewing the frozen delectables, crunch away. One cup of ice equates to half cup of water. By the time the cup of ice is finished a bloated feeling will fill your stomach. You feel but do not look full. That full feeling sustains your appetite for a while. The ice does not stay in your body and after you urinate, the fullness in your stomach is gone. The fullness keeps you from snacking between meals.

Chewing ice keeps your breath fresh. If you are at a club drinking, crunching ice will not send you straight to the bathroom like gulping a glass of fluid. Chewing ice also dilutes whatever salty or sweet substance you have already consumed by melting into water in your mouth.

Be careful not to bite down too hard or you will crack a man-made tooth or fillings. Please if you are chewing ice, chew small cubes of ice.

Daylight and US

These days we hop from air conditioned vehicles into air conditioned rooms to avoid the heat outside. To hell with our pockets and fuel and electricity charges, most people just try to avoid any contact with outside once the sun has risen. We complain of sweat running down our faces, trickling down our backs and springing from under our arms, and of heat strokes. If we have a strong odor, we automatically check our scent when an attractive person walks by, fetter our minds if we did not smell right and curse the sun. But do not be so glad to run into the cool shade or to curse the sun; daylight does not come from the sun and neither does heat, and without daylight we cannot reach sexual maturity, see, hear, produce energy, cognitively function, nor absorb the critical vitamin D for developing strong bones.  Daylight is life sustaining.

Light and Our Immunity

Light is integral to the body’s immunity. Light rays trigger an immunological response by the body that results in the coating of healthy fungi and bacteria with melanin. These bacteria and fungi encapsulate and oxidize invading organisms in a process known as melanization. The most known defensive response of the body to light is the production of melanocytes to darken our skins to prevent our skin being burnt by UVB rays in daylight. Just as plants use chlorophyll to trap light and convert it into energy production, the melanocytes in our skin operate similarly in harvesting light and under the influence of gamma rays convert it into metabolic (heat) energy. This gives our skin the ability to regulate water loss and heat production by its darkening when exposed to daylight. The darkening of the pigment affects the conversion of light in the skin to heat and the degree of water loss by the skin.

Light and the Melanin in Our Organs

Melanocytes are the major cells in the body affected by daylight. It is produced by the pineal gland in the brain. UVA rays reach rhodopsin -photosensitive receptors- found in the eye and skin. This results in the calcium ion on the rhodopsin becoming  fluoresce. The pineal gland in response releases melanocytes which travel to every organ in the body.

The body’s ability to absorb light affects respiration, brain activity, hearing and the body’s defense against fungus, bacteria and also cancer. Melanin is not only present in the skin, eyes, ears, central nervous system, “the pineal gland, pituitary gland, thyroid gland, thymus gland, adrenal gland, and the barathary gland. Melanin is abundantly present in the viscera, including the heart, liver, arteries, the muscles, and the gastrointestinal tract; thus, within each and every living organ which aids the human body melanin appears. Regardless of what color your skin appears to be all genes in all creatures on this planet are black because they are coated with melanin.”

Why is melanin so integral to light and vice versa. Light does not exist without dark. For us to see light, darkness must exist. Darkness and light determine heat.

Sunscreens function as melanin. That is how sunscreen prevent the skin from being burnt. When rubbed on the skin sunscreen appears white but under ultraviolet light it makes the skin appear black.

Take a look at your skin under ultra violet light to understand the role melanin in your body.

Other Advantages To Getting Daylight

Exposing a neonatal (new born baby) with jaundice to light cures jaundice, as does exposing someone with psoriasis. Daylight is life.

Exposure to sunlight also triggers sexual maturation in humans. Melatonin is found in sexual organs -nipples, and genitalia. Like melanin, it also made by the pineal gland, but though its production is triggered by exposure to the sun, it is generated in the dark of the pineal gland.

Daylight is invaluable to humans and plants. What science had not known before these discoveries is that the skin can harvest light like plants. The ability of melanin to metabolize energy may be the reason black athletes are able to perform better at speed and endurance activities because the melanin in their skin is darker than the rest of the human population.  It would be interesting to see whether training and running at night affects athletes.

The Importance of Knowledge of Light

As the human race we are here to learn what our specie needs for survival. Racism has no place in our advancement. Light and melanin needs to be studies, especially since our planet is continuously evolving and we do not know what human trait may prevent our extinction in the future. However the stigmatization of melanin as a trait of black and brown skinned pigmented people limits our understanding of melanin which is found in every peoples.

If you are into improving your health, daylight will help fight infections, possibly prevent Parkinson’s, increase respiration and improve hearing. If you are afraid to sweat walking down the street, remember that sweating releases salts and toxins stored in the boy. Walking in daylight may not be so bad after all. For those with lighter melanin apply sunscreen to prevent harmful UVB rays penetrating the skin, or may be learn how much exposure to daylight causes cancer to gauge how long you should expose yourself to daylight. If you  walk around covered from head to toe for social or religious reasons, whenever you are alone roll up your sleeves and look up into the sun.