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The Constituents of the Letter and Number System



The Black Sun

The eclipse of the Suns on August 21, 2017 was beyond words. To have seen such a wonder is humbling. We were told that the new Moon would eclipse the Sun and cast a shadow to Earth. However, such a thing is impossible to be seen, given that the new Moon is invisible in the sky. What eclipsed the Sun was no Moon. It was the Black Sun. All the prophecies foretold it. It was a strange eclipse, for the day was unbelievably bright and the Sun looked as if it were mis-shaped. When I looked in it there was the Black Sun but the point-and-shoot camera did not capture it. It was Divine. It is puzzling.It has left me in awe and dumbstruck.

The Black Sun2

These are the photos I took of the Black Sun.

Black Sun