Month: December 2015

BYOD -Business Sense

BYOD -For Better Business


BYOD -Business Sense


BYOD stands for bring your own device. It is the practice of allowing not just employees but also customers and friends access to home and business Internet services by the use of the friend, employee or customer’s personal device. These devices include smartphones, laptops and tablets. The business or household benefits by being forward thinking in satisfying their friend, employee or customer’s need. If it is the one house or business on the block allowing everybody free Wi-Fi –everybody is turning up for access.

Companies allowing employees to use their own devices -which are oftentimes more technologically advance- save the company from having to purchase expensive smartphones, laptops and tablets for their employees’ use on the job. The employee is happy to use the company’s time for personal matters on his or her personal phone but more importantly the familiarity of one’s own device and satisfaction on the job improves the quality of work. In the article, ‘Business-unit-level relationship between employee satisfaction, employee engagement, and business outcomes: A meta-analysis’ by Harter, James K.; Schmidt, Frank L.; Hayes, Theodore L. in the Journal of Applied Psychology, Vol 87(2), Apr 2002, 268-279 found that employee satisfaction affected the business unit outcomes ‘of customer satisfaction, productivity, profit, employee turnover, and accidents.’

BYOD establishments are customer friendly and the way forward. Customers get this service in supermarkets, hairdressing salons and even tattoo parlors. BYOD services are everywhere.

Once the Internet is available at work an employee automatically will tap into free Wi-Fi services to have access to the Internet and being familiar with their own device will get more quality work done. The employee is better able to build customer relations but this becomes problematic when an employee is dismissed and leaves with customer data on her or his personal device. For companies in this situation it is like losing clients to your competitor.

As there are benefits to everything, there are also disbenefits. There are risks for breaches in network security by anti-malware software accessed by persons visiting unsecure sites. There is the dishonesty of customers, employees and friends seeking to break encryptions and passwords to gain greater access to the company or the individual’s network of private files. Plus there is the foreseeable loss of personal devices by employees, customers and friends with sensitive data. There is the risk of the found device being accessed by unsavory persons by the jail breaking and sandboxing of the smartphone, laptop or tablet.

Companies and private parties need not fear BYOD. They are able to manually add those persons to their network and to not include those are to be denied access to the network. BYOD is the way forward and is here to stay. Businesses that choose to lock customers out the networks exist in the dark days. The commercialization of internet access, especially since the injection of mobile collaborative applications (apps) means there is nothing that can be done to change people’s desire to have the same ease of access at home in the workplace or in the establishments of businesses they choose to serve their interests.

There is an application for everything. Businesses do not need to run from the advancement of technology; they need to integrate technology into their businesses. This means understanding the advantages and disadvantages of employees and customers having access to their network and learning to protect themselves.

How can companies and individuals protect their network and the employees and friends’ personal devices from being corrupted? They can do so with with anti-malware software, encryption codes, passcodes, and by remote wipe of devices that have been lost, stolen, or compromised. There are also software solutions such as Good for Enterprise, Citrix and Cisco BYOD Smart Solution that are designed to protect local networks from breach in security. Companies allowing employees and clients to bring their own devices to access their network can also learn to manually restrict access points and control the data those with access to their networks can see and use.

There is no need for IT departments to panic about the social inclusion of personal devices on the company’s network or home network. As with everything there are problems and solutions. Problems can at times be avoided and will always be surmounted with knowledge.


The Tea Pot’s Magic

Most people would think tea originated in England but the British developed their love of tea from the Chinese. That was centuries ago. Today tea is the second most consumed beverage worldwide next to water.

People drink tea habitually. Most grew up hearing that tea was good for belching gas or to relieve headaches but many do not know what the individual plants are good for. People pour hot water on leaves and barks for all sorts of reasons. For example, cut pieces of ginger into thin strips and pour hot water onto it, wait for the medicinal properties to be extracted and what you drink will relieve stomach ache and menstrual cramps. Pour hot water over a couple Hibiscus flowers and the tea is good for hypertension. Mint is good for soothing the stomach and is also used as a relaxer. Chamomile grows wild along the road, is fed to goats and rabbits and is brewed for a good night’s rest.

The more people learn about brewing tea, the more our grandmothers’ pearl of wisdom about never leaving the house without a cup of tea very smart advice. What many people will not know is that brewing tea in a metal container causes it to lose some of its medicinal properties. That is partly why the Chinese use ceramic containers to extract the nutrients and why the Africans use clay and wooden pots. The teapot makes all the difference in the effectiveness of what is brewed.

Health Benefits of Chewing Ice

There has been a lot of talk about those who chew ice having pagophagia –an addiction as a result of a mental disorder where they eat dirt, snow, paint, basically everything a mother would scold her child not to do because of the fear of germs or some sort of poisoning. However, a lot of pregnant women will find themselves developing the habit of chewing ice and there are those who have failed to treat their anemia; who, the chewing of ice will stop from shivering.

Ask the Eskimos how they survive miles journeying in snow. Or ask the Russians why they take baths in the frozen water. For centuries people in the most northern parts of the world have found that the body can adjust to cold temperatures by its constant exposure to even colder temperatures. Mother nature has her mysteries. She is evidence of the Creator’s Divine genius.

But if you are not into eating ice, swimming in icy lakes or you are not an Eskimo who builds her or his house out of snow, and you are just a concerned citizen, who is into modern medicine who notices the neighbor constantly chewing ice, tell her or him to consult a medical doctor. Constantly crunching the cold watery treats can be a sign of iron deficiency anemia, pregnancy or pagophagia.

Symptoms of iron deficiency anemia include extreme fatigue, paleness of skin, weakness, coldness of hands and feet, shortness of breath and chest pains.

Suggestions for anemia:

  1. Chew cups of cubed ice.
  2. Drink two spoons of molasses in black tea twice daily with lime

Got a love of chewing the frozen delectables, crunch away. One cup of ice equates to half cup of water. By the time the cup of ice is finished a bloated feeling will fill your stomach. You feel but do not look full. That full feeling sustains your appetite for a while. The ice does not stay in your body and after you urinate, the fullness in your stomach is gone. The fullness keeps you from snacking between meals.

Chewing ice keeps your breath fresh. If you are at a club drinking, crunching ice will not send you straight to the bathroom like gulping a glass of fluid. Chewing ice also dilutes whatever salty or sweet substance you have already consumed by melting into water in your mouth.

Be careful not to bite down too hard or you will crack a man-made tooth or fillings. Please if you are chewing ice, chew small cubes of ice.

Adding Stepping Stones To The Yard

If you do not have any money and want to do a little home improvement, look around for leftover tiles thrown at the back of the yard from last year’s construction and get ready to build some stepping stones.

Firstly lay the tiles in a row.


Pick up whatever stones around the yard you would like as decorations around the steps and place them around the tiles. If there are not enough, head to wherever a pile of river stones have been discarded and scoop them up. If this is your first time doing a do-it-yoursel project, a sense of embarassment may come over you to be treasuring discarded items but for the seasoned persons, it as called making art on a zero dollar budget.

Transplant whatever flowers you like in a row next to the steps and voila! You have a new look for your garden.