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Light Does Not Come From The Sun

Day lights before the sun starts its journey across Earth’s sky. Daylight does not come from the sun. The sun and the moon are beautiful luminary bodies and so is Earth. To the sun and moon Earth too is a star. As a luminary body Earth does not cast light to the sun nor the moon and neither do the moon and sun cast light to Earth, despite the optical illusion that they do so. On examination, Space, made visible by Earth’s night sky, is vast blackness that is impossible to be illuminated by any one constellation journeying across it. How then can the sun, which is just one star, even though it is the brightest star that Earth sees in its daylight, illume and warm the endless blackness of Space, which it would have to do to shine light on Earth and to cast heat to Earth. Light and heat do not come from the sun. Light and heat come from the vortex (energy field) that surrounds each planet including the sun, moon and Earth. Earth’s vortex shows both blackness and light. Earth can guess about its vortex by observing the moon’s vortex circling it over twenty-eight days but the vortex around the sun differs in that it is completely light.


What is light? Light is a an infinite coil. Light polarizes along straight lines and spreads as electromagnetic waves. Light is a matrix of three existing conditions: heat, water and the first element ether. Change these conditions in the vortex and the visibility of light changes. A dark day is the result of vapor saturation and a bright day evidences heat.




Light is only seen when it comes in contact with corpor (matter), otherwise it exists as darkness. This is evidenced when we cross a dark path and happen upon light and wonder from where or how did it appear in the darkness. Sometimes the street light at the top of the road disappears on the dark road and reappears on a wall. The constituents of light are always there but to be seen light must be in contact with a particle or object -it must be polarized.




Light Does Not Travel

How do we know that light does not travel? If the sun were heating Earth, the space between Earth and the sun would be brighter and warmer than that of Earth. Space would be hot and brightly lit. Space is endless blackness. If  the sun provided Earth’s light the higher we climb, the more brighter light would appear and the more hotter we would become, yet our mountains are capped with snow. Light and Heat do not travel across space to Earth. Light does not travel. Light is always present in darkness. The conditions that make light visible are the factors to its visibility or invisibility. It is the time it takes for the polarization of light to occur that gives the illusion that light travels.

What Affects the Visibility of light?

The Vortex around the Earth is the factor that makes light visible or invisible.


When the conditions of heat, water and the First Element (Ether) change, the visibility of the sun changes, as does the visibility of other planets and stars, as well as everything on the land. The colors of plants, flowers, buildings, clothes and even our skin will look different every passing hour or minute. If the day is cloudy and lots of water vapor is in the sky, colors have a duller shade and under what we call good lighting (a hot and bright day) colors have a bright look that come out in our photos.

Earth’s vortex operates like a lens in displaying stars that are great distances from Earth as near. Our eye, also being a lens operates similarly.  Gaze at the sun that seems larger and brighter than it is and it becomes a small globular circle of light like another star in the sky. It is then that the looker realizes the appearance of the sun is an optical illusion. And for those who have witnessed an eclipse of the sun with the naked eyes and without the tinted optical lens of cameras or eclipse eyewear, the blotting out of the sun does not turn the sky black. That is because Earth’s light does not come from the sun.

For Light To Be Seen

For light to be seen it must come in contact with an element. The Matrix of Light is also best seen when surrounded by extensive darkness, especially since light comes from darkness. No two light matrix are alike.

The Matrix of Light

The Matrix of Light is like a star. It appears as a line or lines of light with a circle of light at its centre (a spiral, coil or wave). No two matrix are the same.





Band Aid Over A Bleeding Wound

Have you ever known anyone to pretend to assist and when you check it out, it felt like they were plucking out your eye because the evil they wrought was right before you but you never saw it. How else are the people living in poverty to feel when others make grand announcements that come at their expense, then turn around and steal money through the back door?

Let us examine what is happening in Haiti. In 2010 an earthquake destroyed almost every building in Port-au-Prince. The images of the devastation were splashed over all the worldwide and local news medias. It was a joy to see that relief efforts came from the United States, Canada and many other nations. But did they really help or was this just another grand show advertised by the best media on TV?

Below: Hilary Clinton (American Presidential Hopeful) and Bill Clinton (Former American President)

Hilary Clinton, Presidential hopeful for the 2016 United States election could be seen supporting Caracol, the industrial park that was financed by $224 million US in subsidies from mostly American partners, which promised 60,000 jobs to the Haitians and contributing Americans. But according to the U.S. Department of State, Caracol delivered 6,000. It is important to note that the U.S. Department of State was not providing Haiti with free monies. These monies are subsidies. A subsidy is a form of financial aid or support extended to an economic sector (or institution, business, or individual) generally with the aim of promoting economic and social policy. Subsidies come at the expense of the public purse to effect some cause but are generally accompanied by deals brokered outside the public domain. They are generally one hand wash the other schemes.

Governments were not the only ones collecting aid on behalf of the Haitians. There were many non governmental organizations assisting the women, men and children of the tragedy. The US Red Cross raised half a billion to help rebuild Haiti and is said to have only built 6 homes. They released a statement claiming to have moved 100,000 people from tents to permanent housing but have offered no evidence to support this. Their infomercial features one man saying he was housed.

The Haitian earthquake killed 220,000, injured 300,000 and left 1.5 million homeless. The CIA Agency World Fact Book states that poverty, corruption, vulnerability to natural disasters, and low levels of education for much of the population are among Haiti’s most serious impediments to economic growth and that Haiti is currently the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere with 80% of the population living under the poverty line and 54% in abject poverty.

US Department of State have helped:

  • Some 328,000 displaced Haitians housed,
  • 2.7 million cubic meters of rubble removed,
  • 6,000 jobs created at the Caracol Industrial Park in Haiti’s north,
  • Tens of thousands of Haitian farmers have higher crop yields and incomes,
  • A new 10 megawatt power plant is providing electricity in the north,
  • The Haitian National Police is stronger with the addition of more than 3,000 new officers,
  • More Haitians have access to police services as a result of new police commissariats built in areas not previously serviced by the police,
  • Some 600 semi-permanent classrooms were constructed enabling 60,000 children to return to school, and
  • Many basic health indicators, including child nutrition and mortality and HIV/AIDS are improving.

Assessing the Claims

After the earthquake leveled Port au Prince, the capital,  Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) and the Cubans, having already been supplying the impoverished nation with medical aid before the earthquake, were the first medical persons to respond. MSF had 3,408, Canada 45, the United States 550 and Cuba 1504 medical personnel on the ground. MSF treated 54,000, Canadians treated 21,000, the U.S. treated 871, and the Cubans treated 227,143 patients. MSF performed 3,700 surgeries, the Canadians 0, the U.S. 871 and the Cubans 6,499. 

A June 2013 Government Accountability Office report of the USAID’s Haiti reconstruction effort was that USAID’s budget went up by 65%, and the number of houses to be built came down by 80%. Food security is still a major issue. American money went to the distribution of seeds, food grants, and tree planting. According to the last survey by the World Food Program there are three million women, men and children in Haiti facing food insecurity, which is half the population. The efforts by all who assisted must be applauded. Right now the aim is true justice for the deprived.

The cry was Haiti needs to be able to sustain itself. This means being aided in the creation of homes capable of withstanding their environmental conditions and not the receiving of multilateral loans to cripple it for another century, as is the practice of multilateral banks like the International Monetary Fund. It means the education of Haiti’s mass is a must. No nation can sustain or develop its people without an education system capable of improving itself. The temporary construction of schools is a temporary fix that when properly assessed is an unsustained costly waste. Permanence is needed. A functional Haiti also means a functional health care system. Before the earthquake in 2010, infant mortality, per 1,000 live births was 80 but because of the work of the Cubans who have been aiding the country from 1999, the infant mortality per 1000 births fell to 33. Child Mortality Under 5 per 1,000 was 135 and fell to 59.4. Maternal Mortality per 100,000 live births was 523 and fell to 285. Life Expectancy (years) was 54 and increased to 61.

The Cubans do not have money. Yet they commit themselves to truly helping others. What is wrong with the rest of the world. Human greed is a disease. But as one human race and one people, we decided in 1948 with our Universal Declaration of Human Rights, we wanted better. This present objective by the United Nations for sustainable development of all peoples is noble, as expressed by Christine Lagarde, its Managing Director and the whole Earth supports the overhauling of our unjust systems that have profited a small minority. In the Americas, the rewriting of economic injustice must begin with Haiti. Haiti was the first nation in the Americas to free itself of colonial rule and for that France slapped it with a crippling debt that it has never been able to repay. The evils of colonialism stalk us. We are one world and the problems of one, are the problems of all.

Sugar Is Money

The threat to Jamaica’s sugar industry comes more from the Sugar Industry Authority (SIA); which, by its monopoly on local sugar is now seen as a stumbling block to local companies like the Golden Grove Sugar Company, the only truly Jamaican sugar producers, as all others are partly owned by foreigners, even if operated by locals.

Local sugar producers who wish to market their own brand of sugar and to source their own market -like the privilege given to the Chinese- believe they would benefit by the Sugar Industry Authority allowing them to do so. But SIA uses Jamaica Cane Products Sales Ltd to market Jamaican sugar and as such is reluctant to relinquish its monopoly. There are reasons for this monopoly.

Jamaica has agreements with foreign countries to supply at least 11,000 MT of sugar to the United States. In Europe, Tate and Lyle Sugars have been Jamaica’s main purchaser. Overall, Jamaica supplies at least 59,000 MT of sugar to the continent. To not be able to supply these markets would mean Jamaica losing its preferential position. For those claiming sugar is not profitable, they labor under a misconception because sugar is indispensable. We consume it even to the detriment of our health and have been dong so for the last 6000 years. The 92,000 MT of sugar Jamaica has sold since the start of the year is valued at JA $16 billion on the world market.

There is talk that sugar prices on the world market has plummeted. Jamaica does not sell sugar to the Futures Market (dump market). As stated above most of Jamaica’s sugar goes to preferred buyers. The sugar commodities market or dump market operates like the stock market. Except that in the United States, sugar farmers are incapable at selling at a profit are dumped into this market and sold like shares. It is this pricing that fluctuates at every hiccup in the various sugar producing nations, not the sugar sold to direct buyers at higher preferential prices. The recent drop in the Futures Market prices for sugar does not affect Jamaica, only if SIA is buying local sugar at dump market prices and not at a cap below the prices agreed to with its main overseas buyers.

Most of the world’s sugar comes from Brazil and India. Jamaica was once the main producer of sugar and in 1960 exported 358,000 MT. Since then our rate of sugar production as steadily declined. Our cane sugar has had to share market with beet sugar of which France is the main supplier. France in 1811 invested in research and technology to break English monopoly on cane sugar during the Napoleonic Wars. The wars over sugar have always been waged on the colonies and though we are no longer a colony, not much has changed. So priceless is sugar that there is still a surge to own plantations. The Chinese have now joined the quest for sugar in our waters.

Jamaican sugar cane producers have financial problems servicing loans which they borrow to bring the crop to fruition. When they failed to get the desired yield as a result of poor soil, insufficient storage of rainfall and other cultivating hiccups, they are unable to repay their debts, which in SEPROD’s case amounted to $2 billion in losses. Yet, despite this loss, SEPROD sees SIA as its obstacle and not acts of God because it sees profit in sugar, if, it is able to retail and market its own produce.

Jamaica imported 78,000 MT of refined sugar in 2014. That means we lost billions buying what we grow and produce. Instead of breaking even, a collapsed sugar industry will see us losing the JA $16 billion plus spending JA $16 billion more to import even more sugar than what we presently do. We would lose. We cannot complain about subsidizing sugar for every country subsidizes sugar. If our local sugar producers want to market their products, we should let them try.

At present Jamaica needs to export 300, 000 MT to be viable. Our major difficulty lies in increasing our yield, especially since we have not equipped ourselves to store our rainfall. Inviting small farmers to cultivate sugar cane is an option if we teach our farmers how to increase their yield. In Brazil farmers use a sugar cane residue called filter cake which is rich in phosphorous, organic matter and other nutrients, instead of relying heavily on fertilizers which deplete nutrients from soils. This allows them to use 50% less fertilizers.

Initially when the Jamaican government in  2009 desired to sell Frome, Bernard Lodge and Monymusk they had first propositioned the Brazilians before the Chinese. Brazil has managed to profit from sugar cane via many ways. From sugar cane they produce food (sugar), bioplastics and biofuel (ethanol). With sugar cane they have liberated themselves from dependence on foreign oil. Jamaica is now producing ethanol from sugar cane. Why then would be collapse our sugar industry with fear?

The protests at Monymusk Sugar Estate in Clarendon on September 14, 2015 show that there are serious labor problems that are the remnants of slavery. There is a reluctance to pay cane cutters fair wages but this is the problem of every sector. Business men want more profit for themselves and less for workers. This is a policy matter for the Government to demand proper wages for workers. This change can only come when we seek to raise the standard of living for all because people lack the buying power to absorb the increases that the business men will pass on to the consumer.

King sugar cannot die. The opposite is true, like the race to buy water sources around the globe, there is a race to buy existing plantations by foreigners to corner the scarce commodity by more affluent nations. Do not be fooled by old rhetoric. The old rhetoric that sugar is valueless has seen deals brokered in the last three decades  which has stolen our golden sugar. We do not own our sugar estates (the fifth estate). If we lose sugar, our local food producers will suffer shortages that will send them out of business. JCPS, the producers of Jamaica Gold sugar must relish SIA monopoly, as marketers of our sugar they are better able to expand to their desired 10,000 MT.

Regenerating Wealth -The Law of Money

Depriving the market of capital to regenerate itself is a folly in its entirety. Earth consist of global communities. The hoarding of wealth by any community or members of any community prevents its circulation. For the hoarder to gain money it must come from the community and in Earth’s case, its communities. The miser creates misery in the capitalist system and at some point must realize that in his or her initial glory, there was a reinvestment of capital to gain more than what was present. Money must flow in the community for the community and the lender to exist. In the case of our global communities the stagnancy that presently exists is the lack of its circulation around our globe. We must employ common sense reasoning. When we flourish we gain in every facet and aspect of Earth’s development. 99% rich and 1% poor is madness in its entirety.

In the glory days of the 1% there was spending of profit which was called reinvesting. These days the 1% are drunk on their own wine. We must deliver to them ‘The Wine of Astonishment‘ and bring them back to their former glory. Spend on us, the 99% and we will give it back to you, the 1%, in multiples.

It is no mystery why the internet works. The interconnection of or communities provides our largest market. There are more than one billion of us online. For any business to grow online, it must be linked by keys and strokes to the wider community. Each online company must push the product of another company to be noticed by the search engine. In order to get giving must take place. The capitalist system is the same. The miser in hoarding created a puzzle. But there is no mystery. There is a law of money. You have to spend to get. Regeneration of wealth is the only solution.

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Get Rid of Bank Debts

Banks have a tendency to contract with borrowers to an agreed sum and interest, and when the borrower becomes incapable of servicing the debt, the debt balloons to a figure neither the borrower nor the lender would have contracted to. These practices benefit the banks only to the extent where the borrower becomes able to pay and benefits no one when the bank has no assets to recoup. There may be a way around these rigid policies that does not cause the borrower to lose real wealth repaying these exorbitant debts but it involves lots of negotiating and begging with the bank. Ask your bank to allowed to you to pay off the principal and disregard the interests. That way it is a win-win situation for both lender and borrower, as there is no loss on either the part of the lender or borrower, as what was borrowed was paid.